What is a new travel style?

By taking thorough infection prevention measures for both users and businesses, we will build a "new travel style" and
It will be implemented as a travel model initiative to popularize and establish it as a new trip to Hokkaido.
Hokkaido supports the exclusive accommodation plans sold by Sahoro Resort Hotel.

Support money target period, support amount, target area

Period covered by the support fund Staying from May 1st to May 30th, 3rd year of Reiwa (until check-out on May 31st)
Accommodation plan selling price 15,000 yen-19,999 yen 20,000 yen or more
Discount amount per person per night 7,500 yen 10,000 yen

* Up to 2 nights, but there is no upper limit.
* Please note that only the "New Travel Style" exclusive plan is eligible for support.
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Those who live in the area on the right Okhotsk jurisdiction, Tokachi jurisdiction, Kushiro jurisdiction, Nemuro jurisdiction

* Only those who live in the above areas can receive this support.
* Limited to those living together (excluding employee dormitories, student dormitories, and boarding houses) or individuals (for single use).

Efforts in "New Travel Style" (Compliance Items)

Please make a reservation after confirming the following items.

Compliance matters [Countermeasures against infectious diseases]
・ Implementation of "silent meal / silent bath" that minimizes conversation when eating or bathing
・ Wearing a mask
・ Do not have a loud conversation in the hall
・ Use of the new coronavirus contact infection app COCOA or register for the Hokkaido corona notification system
* Only for those who can use it as an owner of a smartphone, etc.
・ Those who can follow the instructions of the facility regarding infectious disease control
【Questionnaire survey】
・ Answer to the "New Travel Style" Questionnaire
・ Full cooperation with active epidemiological surveys conducted by health centers
・ If you find out that you are a close contact during your trip, immediately report it to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Hokkaido and at the same time.
Follow the instructions of the health center
・ If infection with the new coronavirus infection is confirmed after travel, immediately report it to the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Hokkaido.
・ Submission of consent form to comply with the above

* Contact information for the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Hokkaido Phone 011-206-6896
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Other notes

Precautions [At the time of reservation]
・ Please make a reservation by phone or on our website.
Confirm the place of residence in advance by oral or application address (zip code, etc.).
Also, at check-in, we will check the official documents to see if there is a difference in your place of residence.
・ If even one person in the room is not eligible, all of them will not be eligible for support.
・同じ圏域内に在住でも住所が異なる場合は同室でご宿泊できません。別の部屋でご予約ください (同居者とは、同じ家屋に居住している方で、家族及び家族以外の方です。社員寮、学生寮、下宿は対象外です)。
・ This product is supported by the assistance of the road. Cannot be combined with other discounts.
[At check-in]
・ The representative of the accommodation should fill out the above "Consent Form" in advance and submit it to the front desk at check-in.
・ Please bring official documents to confirm the address of everyone to confirm that you are living together.
We will check at the hotel front desk at check-in and record it in the hotel accommodation ledger as proof of application.
* Official certificates refer to driver's licenses, health insurance cards, passports, Individual Number Cards, and other documents that can be used to confirm that you are living together.
* Presentation is not required for persons under the age of 15 (up to junior high school students) accompanied by a guardian.
[About usage]
・ It will end as soon as the upper limit of the "new travel style" support fund is reached. However, it may be resold depending on the cancellation status of the reservation.
・ If you do not actually stay, you will not be eligible for the support fund.
・ You can apply for and use accommodation products from the perspective of supporting tourism in Hokkaido.
[How to apply]
・ You can apply by phone. We cannot accept reservations by email.
・ Please check the availability before applying. It may be sold out (stock sold out) depending on the situation.
[About charges]
・ The room rates introduced on this page are discounted rates. All prices include consumption tax and service charge.
・ If a cancellation fee is incurred due to cancellation after the reservation is made, the cancellation policy specified by the plan will be applied to the discounted room rate.
[In case of change]
・ Changes in the number of established accommodation products may not be accepted depending on availability and the upper limit of support money.
[In case of cancellation]
・ The "new travel style" support fund used for payment is non-refundable. In addition, it cannot be applied to cancellation fees (including non-night stays without contact).
・ If you cancel, you will lose the right to support money at the same time. The right to support money cannot be transferred or sold to another person.
・ The cancellation fee will be applied to the accommodation price after the support amount is applied (after discount).
[About the handling of personal information]