First of all, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to everyone who suffered from the new coronavirus infection. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the medical professionals who continue to work hard.

Ask the customer

Customers who fall under any of the following will be refused admission. Thank you for your understanding.
・ Those who have close contact with people who are positive for new coronavirus infection
・ Those who have traveled to countries or regions that require entry restrictions, observation periods after entry, and close contact with the residents within the past 14 days.


体調や気分が優れない時はお近くのスタッフまでお申し出ください。万が一発熱や呼吸困難、けん怠感など、感染の疑われるお客様がいらっしゃった場合、リゾート内に待機いただけるお部屋を用意し、同行者様とともに待機いただきます。室内ではマスクを着用し、外に出ないようにお願いいたします。帯広保健所 (帰国者・接触者相談センター) と連携し対応させていただきます。

Measures for each facility will be taken as follows.
* Planned measures will be revised according to the situation and information will be updated.

■ Sahoro Resort Hotel (scheduled to open in winter on December 12, 2020)

[Implementation of disinfection]
We will disinfect each facility and equipment in the hotel and install a disinfectant solution at the entrance of each hotel facility.
Customers using the facility are kindly requested to cooperate in disinfecting their hands.

[Front, temperature measurement, wearing mask]
At the time of admission, we will check the temperature of all the guests (with an automatic temperature gauge installed) and verify their identity.
Please cooperate in wearing a mask when moving around the building.
At the front desk, we will set up marks on the floor so that you can line up at intervals.
In addition, an acrylic board is installed on the counter to prevent droplets.

[Check-in procedure]
Stationery and room keys used during the procedure will be disinfected each time they are used.
Information on the hall and guest rooms will be provided in writing, avoiding verbal explanations from the staff as much as possible.

[Room cleaning]
In addition to normal cleaning, we thoroughly disinfect areas that are touched by human hands, such as telephones, doorknobs, TV remote controls and switches, pots and dryer handles.

[Air conditioning system in the hotel]
The Sahoro Resort Hotel uses an air-conditioning system that takes in outside air, and the air inside the hotel changes every 30 minutes.

[Wearing staff masks, etc.]
All service staff will wear a mask. In addition, service staff who provide food and drink will wear gloves.

[Securing the space between each restaurant seat]
At each restaurant, we will reduce the number of seats and secure a space between customers.
In addition, we may limit the time to enter the store to avoid congestion.

[About buffet style]
The Hokkaido Dinner Buffet will be closed this season.
In addition, when the breakfast buffet is held, gloves and individual tongs will be distributed to customers when entering the store to prepare food.
We will regularly replace and disinfect the tongs that have been installed.
We will take three measures when you eat with a space between seats.
Admission may be restricted during busy hours.

[Big bath]
In order to avoid congestion in the large communal bath, we may restrict admission and time restrictions during times when congestion is expected, and we may take three measures.

■ Sahoro Resort Ski Area (scheduled to open on December 12, 2020)

[Temperature measurement and wearing a mask]
We will measure the temperature when you enter the gondola station (automatic temperature gauge installed).
Those who are above 37.5 degrees and those who are not wearing masks will be refused admission.

[Installation of alcohol disinfectant]
Disinfectants will be installed at ticket counters, shop counters, school counters, restaurants and restrooms.

[Gondola carrier]
The Sahoro Gondola carrier will be disinfected each time it is used.
In addition, we recommend that you use it as a group as much as possible.

[Restaurant, rest area]
The number of seats in the restaurant is limited so that we can secure a social distance, so please cooperate.
In addition, a disinfectant solution is installed in front of the ticket vending machine, so please disinfect it when you enter or purchase a ticket.

■ Sahoro Country Club (Closed on November 8, 2020 this season)

[Implementation of disinfection]
In addition to disinfecting facilities and equipment, golf carts are disinfected before the start and after the end of play.

[Installation of disinfectant]
Alcohol disinfectant is installed at the entrance of the facility, front desk, golf cart, restroom, etc.

Marks are placed on the floor so that they are lined up at intervals. In addition, a splash prevention shield is installed on the counter to prevent splashing.

The restaurant is open from 1st July. ..
When using the locker room, please cooperate in shortening the staying time.

If you are not feeling well, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent the spread of infection, such as by suspending your visit or play.