Notice of change in hotel facility business date and time due to the issuance of a state of emergency

Due to the announcement of the state of emergency, the business hours of the facilities in the Sahoro Resort Hotel will be changed.
Please check the calendar below.
A state of emergency is being declared in line with the change in business hours of the dinner restaurant.
Please note that alcoholic beverages will be served until 19:30.Please check here for details.

Tokachi Sahoro Resort's new coronavirus infection prevention measures

Even now the Tokachi Sahoro, and in order to use with confidence to be your future.
"New Hokkaido Style" Declaration of Security and Preventive Measures for Coronavirus Infection (Updated February 15, 2021)


Many of the activities menu from which you can experience the nature of Tokachi

Aquatic Infrastructure

Sahoro Country Club

【 business information 】

- open period -
May 1, 2021 (Sat) Main Open-Scheduled for early November
A restaurant and practice area have also opened.
- business hours -
8:00 to sunset

Aquatic Infrastructure

Bear Mountain

【 business information 】

- open period -
Business starts from Saturday, May 1, 2021
- business hours -
9:00-15:20 final admission, 16:00 till

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Activity Experience

【business information】
The resort center
Open every weekend!
【business hours】
Water program
Sports program, tennis court

Welcome, to the forest of the Resort

Big sky and wide earth

Tokachi is also in Hokkaido, with an environment that was crystal clear and the nature full of vast area, is the most Hokkaido seems region.
Majestic views and fertile land, and rich food that has been nurtured in the us and welcomed us.


There are many deer around the hotel

Bear Mountain Entrance and Parking

In front of Sahoro Resort Hotel

Experience canoeing at Shinnai Pond

Tokachi sauna

Totoi deck

Tokachi sauna

Lake Sahoro canoe


Tourist destination map and the surrounding Tokachi Sahoro

Tokachi Sahoro resort is located approximately in the center of Hokkaido, located in an easily accessible location from the three airports and five of the tourist city.
Rural Tourism, such as easy to set the tour route from the spot, you can use as a base for sightseeing while enjoying the experience and seems to Hokkaido environment.