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Even now the Tokachi Sahoro, and in order to use with confidence to be your future.
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Many of the menu to enjoy the winter of Hokkaido

Aquatic Infrastructure

Sahoro Resort Ski

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- open period -
2019 November 30, 2020 - April 5 (planned)

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Aquatic Infrastructure

Playing with snow

Backcountry Tours
Snowshoe Downhill
Air board tour

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Playing with nature

Compacted snow car Shibare Night Tour
Brown Bear Forest snowshoe tour
Brown bear hibernation observation tour
Koriana smelt fishing tour
Tree climbing challenge
Haze of the waterfall trekking tour

Welcome, to the forest of the Resort

Big sky and wide earth

Tokachi is also in Hokkaido, with an environment that was crystal clear and the nature full of vast area, is the most Hokkaido seems region.
Snow like feathers wrap around the forest, and rich natural delicious fostered meal for us welcomed us.


Near the summit

Sahoro Resort Ski

Views of the summit from the eighth lift off field

... along with the wine tonight in French using the Hokkaido ingredients

An example cuisine of Sahoro Garden

You can also enjoy the authentic dishes in the buffet.

An example of the buffet

It is crab!

Speaking of Hokkaido

North Building also the leisurely spend in front of the fireplace in the ◎

Fireplace North Building before

Trying to find your favorite one in the wine cellar.

Wine cellar "la cave"

Canned bar COSPA is also good, it is recommended Choi to flea before going to bed.

Slowly at the counter seat of canned bar


Tourist destination map and the surrounding Tokachi Sahoro

Tokachi Sahoro resort is located approximately in the center of Hokkaido, located in an easily accessible location from the three airports and five of the tourist city.
Rural Tourism, such as easy to set the tour route from the spot, you can use as a base for sightseeing while enjoying the experience and seems to Hokkaido environment.