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As of 18:00 on July 28th
On July 27, Sahoro Resort Hotel also became a GOTO Travel participating facility (Corporation Nakamori Kanko Co., Ltd.).

◆ Those who have already booked accommodation from July 22 to August 31, those who have already stayed
You can get a refund by applying for yourself after your stay.
The hotel will issue an accommodation certificate, so please let us know when you check in.
Please check the dedicated site for the refund method.

◆We plan to sell it directly at Sahoro Resort Hotel,
The sales date is undecided at this time. We will report again after the decision.
Also, it seems that each travel agency's net agent will start selling as soon as preparation is completed after July 27
Take this opportunity to enjoy sightseeing in Doto based at Tokachi Sahoro Resort.

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*Please note that it may change depending on the future situation.
Please note that it cannot be used together with Minomewari. ‥


As of 10:00 on August 3
The Somaro Resort Hotel's discount plan has been sold out.
In case of cancellation etc., it may be resold.
Thank you for many reservations.

Tokachi Sahoro Resort's new coronavirus infection prevention measures

Even now the Tokachi Sahoro, and in order to use with confidence to be your future.
"New Hokkaido Style" safety declaration and new coronavirus infection prevention measures (updated on July 22).


Many of the activities menu from which you can experience the nature of Tokachi

Aquatic Infrastructure

Sahoro Country Club

【 business information 】

- open period -
Normally open April 25-November 3 (planned)

- Time -
8:00 to sunset

Aquatic Infrastructure

Bear Mountain

【 business information 】

- open period -
Business will resume from Saturday, July 4, 2020
* July is open only on weekends and holidays
August will be open on the 1st, 2nd, 8th to 23rd, and 29th and 30th. We will inform you again after September.

- business hours -
9: 00-16: 00 (final admission 15:20)

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Activity Experience

*The resort center will open on July 23
Water program
Sports programs, horseback riding

Welcome, to the forest of the Resort

Big sky and wide earth

Tokachi is also in Hokkaido, with an environment that was crystal clear and the nature full of vast area, is the most Hokkaido seems region.
Majestic views and fertile land, and rich food that has been nurtured in the us and welcomed us.


Let's play in the open space in front of the hotel ♪

Hokkaido brown bear

Deluxe Twin Room

French restaurant "Sahoro Garden"

Hokkaido local cuisine "Yukizasa"

Sahoro Country Club

Exterior of Sahoro Resort Hotel

... along with the wine tonight in French using the Hokkaido ingredients

An example cuisine of Sahoro Garden


Tourist destination map and the surrounding Tokachi Sahoro

Tokachi Sahoro resort is located approximately in the center of Hokkaido, located in an easily accessible location from the three airports and five of the tourist city.
Rural Tourism, such as easy to set the tour route from the spot, you can use as a base for sightseeing while enjoying the experience and seems to Hokkaido environment.