12/23 2019

New Year in the Sahoro! "Mount Sahoro New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine and Akeome Spur"

Thank you for always using Sahoro Resort. Well, there is only so much left to do this year. Reiwa's first New Year is just around the corner. Sahoro Resort Resort Ski Resort will hold the annual New Year's "Sapporo Peak First Visit & Akeome Spool" again this year! Reiwa Why don't you visit Sapporotake Shrine for the first time on New Year's Day and watch the first sunrise at the top of the mountain together? Of course, after that, let's enjoy the fun first ski ♪ from the New Year! !! ◎ Mt. Sapporo Hatsuho & Akeome Spur Date and time: January 1, 2020 6:45 ~ Location: Sahoro Resort Ski Resort (operated only by Sahoro Gondra) Price: Adults 1,270 yen, Children 1,030 yen * In case of bad weather, it will be canceled. Please note.

12/15 2019

Very convenient !! by WEB charge to IC lift gondola tickets

By WEB charging from your smartphone, you can charge your IC lift / gondola ticket with your desired ticket type (1-day ticket / 4-hour ticket)! The "WTP number" required for top-up is written on the back of the card. Please pay by credit card. If you charge it, you don't have to stop at the ticket office, so it's very convenient! !! Please take your used lift and gondola ticket home and charge it the next time you visit. Also, if you use the lift gondola one-day pass, you can charge it at a great discount! !! (*Period: 12/21 (Sat) ~ 3/15 (Sun) ■ Lift / Gondola 1-day pass ・Adult: 5800 yen ⇒ 5600 yen ・Child/Senior: 4600 yen ⇒ 4400 yen ※WEB charge from here※WEB charge from here※WEB charge from here

12/2 2019

Sahoro Resort ski resort opening

Thank you very much for your patience to Snow Freaks. Sahoro Resort Ski Resort will open tomorrow, Saturday, November 30 from 10 a.m. Since there is little snow, the number of courses that can be skied is limited, but it will be expanded gradually as soon as it snowfalls. Tomorrow's business hours are scheduled for 10:00~15:00. We look forward to your visit.

11/4 2019

Sahoro Patissier special Christmas cake reservation start

Sahoro cake has a reputation among hotel staff as delicious, and we will be selling Christmas cake again this year. In order to make each one carefully, we will sell only a limited number of 30 (*^^) Two sizes: No. 4 2,800 yen (tax included) No. 5 3,500 yen (tax included) Reservation deadline is December 22 (Sun) The cake will be handed over at the Hanamorikuma Cafe & Restaurant in Sahoro Resort Hotel for two days on December 24th and 25th. 【For reservations, please contact Sahoro Resort Hotel】 TEL:0 156-64-7111

10/16 2019

10 / 16-10 / 18 part-site facilities close Announcement

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Sahoro Resort Hotel. Some of the hotel's facilities will be closed for group charter on the following dates. ○ Target facilities ・ French restaurant "Sahoro Garden" ・ Hokkaido local cuisine "Yukizasa" ・ Large public bath "Refre" ○ Closed period October 16 (Wednesday) ~ October 18 (Friday) Other facilities in the hotel will be open as usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. Tokachi Sahoro Resort

10/7 2019

36th Announcement of the wine festival held

Thank you for always using Sahoro Resort. Thank you very much for your patience. "The 36th Wine Festival in Sahoro" will be held on Saturday, November 2 at 18:30~. A wine festival held twice a year. The vendor who usually takes care of you can bring in the wine that you are proud of at that time, and you can compare it with various tastings, and if you find your favorite, you can purchase it on the spot. Of course, the meal that the head chef has put into making the wine delicious is also gorgeous. Please enjoy a night of intoxication with wine. Click here for details Date and time: March 16 (Sat) 18:30 ~ Place: Hotel banquet hall Price: 6,050 yen Capacity: First 90 people Deadline: October 25 (Friday) * Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applications will be closed when the capacity is reached, so please apply as soon as possible. * There is a free shuttle bus from Shintoku Station * There is a special accommodation plan for the wine festival (accepted by phone or from the Sahoro HP reservation form) Click here to make a reservation on the web 【Application / Inquiry】 Sahoro Resort Hotel Tel.0156-64-7111

9/20 2019

New buckwheat of Shintoku-cho will be lifted on September 29!

The ban on new soba noodles in Shintoku Town will be lifted on September 29th! September 20, 2019 Shintoku Town is famous as a soba town, but this year, the "Soba Festival" will be held on September 29th. Click here for the Soba Festival HP The ban on new soba will be lifted along with the Soba Festival. * The photo shows the Soba Festival last year. At the Sahoro Resort Hotel, we will prepare a special kaiseki meal using Shintoku-cho's new soba, and we hope that everyone will enjoy it this year as well. If you would like to enjoy the new soba kaiseki just for now, please make a reservation from here.

Notice / Things to Do
9/9 2019

Official site pre-sale] August 31 (Saturday) to start deals winter plan sale!

We look forward to your wait! From Saturday, August 31st, winter accommodation plans for the 2019-2020 season will be available for pre-sale only on the official website. Popular dates are booked quickly, so we recommend that you make a reservation early! We are (*^^)v waiting for you at Hot Winter Sahoro this season

8/2 2019

Notice of deals official site limited summer plan

Summer vacation is coming soon, and ♪ summer with Hokkaido-like scenery is the best time to drive. For such people, we will deliver a summer plan limited to the official website. If you are planning to use it from now on, please (^^) use it * Click the image below to check the official website limited plan.

8/2 2019

Lunch menu appeared ♪ of Hanamori bear cafe summer

It's a Sahoro Resort Hotel! The lunch menu of Hanamori Kuma Cafe & Restaurant has become a summer version from today. Please try it when you come to Tokachi Sahoro Resort. Popular lunch plate (the photo shows the most popular Kuma plate!) Hana, Mori, Kuma, and Sahoro lunch plates are also available for packed lunches at Bear Mountain. Lunch pack → Bear Mountain admission ticket with lunch for 2,700 yen (756 yen less than the regular price!). New Cheese Fondue The hot and melted cheese is a delight. ♪ 3 types of Sahoro summer curry (the photo shows the new dumb curry!) Hanamori Kuma Cafe & Restaurant Business Hours 11:00~16:00 *Lunch time 11:30~14:00

8/2 2019

Summer vacation only! ! Family buffet held

Thank you for always using Tokachi Sahoro Resort. Sahoro Resort Hotel will hold a "Summer Vacation Family Buffet" for a limited time from August 10th ~ 17th. A buffet dinner packed with Hokkaido's "deliciousness" made by the hotel's cooking staff. Please take this opportunity to enjoy ♪ ☆ Date : August 10 ~ 17 17:30 ~ 20:30 (L.O. 20:00) ☆ Venue : Sahoro Resort Hotel Banquet Hall ☆ Fee : Adult 5,000 yen (tax included) / Child 3,000 yen (tax included)

1/15 2019

Compacted snow car Shibare Night Tour

Winter night in Hokkaido. Swaying on the bed of a snow compactor that I don't usually ride, I aim for the summit of Mt. Sahoro. After enjoying a moment of adventure with your friends, you can see the lights of the city spreading out on the Tokachi Plain, and if you look up at the night sky, you will see a whole field of stars spreading in the clear air. The tour, which feels comfortable even in the cold, is a special time only for Sahoro. Period: Early December ~ Mid-March Time: 17:00, 17:30, 18:00 *Varies depending on the time of year Tour duration is about 1 hour Fee 3,300 yen per person tax included * There is no child fee Advance Sahoro Resort Hotel Please apply by 16 o'clock the day before Other The temperature is low, so please wear warm clothes Minimum number of participants: 2 people, Maximum 8 people

12/22 2018

August 1, 2006 to held summer vacation is trying to participate in the "stag beetle found Corps" in Sahoro!

Thank you for always using Tokachi Sahoro Resort. The annual summer vacation program "Stag Finding Team" will start on August 1st! A night program in which you go out in search of stag beetles in the forest at night. We will teach you the ecology of stag beetles and the secrets of collecting insects! To make memories of your summer vacation, please ♪ enjoy collecting insects in Sahoro ☆ Stag Finding Team ☆ Period|August 1st ~ August 12th Date and Time|Departure at 7 p.m. (approx. 1 hour) Meeting place|Resort Center Fee in Sahoro Resort Hotel Money|Adults 1,100 yen Children (elementary school students and younger) 500 yen Advance reservation (to the resort center by 3 p.m. on the day) * It will be canceled in case of rain. Please make a reservation after being aware of this in advance * The insect cage used in this tour will be rented, so we recommend that you prepare it in advance if you plan to participate. In addition, we will sell it to customers who wish (insect cage 324 yen, bait (2 pieces) 108 yen)