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9/20 2019

New buckwheat of Shintoku-cho will be lifted on September 29!

The ban on new soba noodles in Shintoku Town will be lifted on September 29th! September 20, 2019 Shintoku Town is famous as a soba town, but this year, the "Soba Festival" will be held on September 29th. Click here for the Soba Festival HP The ban on new soba will be lifted along with the Soba Festival. * The photo shows the Soba Festival last year. At the Sahoro Resort Hotel, we will prepare a special kaiseki meal using Shintoku-cho's new soba, and we hope that everyone will enjoy it this year as well. If you would like to enjoy the new soba kaiseki just for now, please make a reservation from here.

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7/24 2019

Let's go to see the stage of that Asadora

Thank you for using Tokachi Sahoro Resort. By the way, in Shintoku-cho, where Sahoro Resort is located, the location set of the entrance signboard, wooden fence, and bridge of the "Road to Shibata Ranch" used in the serial TV novel currently being aired is open to the public. This work is shot in various places even in Tokachi, but it is only here whether the set is left as it is at the time of airing. The exhibition period is long until November, but why not try a “sacred place pilgrimage” with the refreshing blue sky in summer. ☆ Sahoro Resort Hotel ⇒ How to get to "Road to Shibata Ranch" ☆ ・ From Sahoro Resort Hotel, take National Highway 38 (turn left and go down the pass) ⇒ Follow the road for a while and turn right at the intersection with Seven Eleven ⇒ Livestock Turn right at the crossroads in front of the test site (use the information sign on the right side of the crossroads as a landmark) ⇒ After about 700 m, you will find the entrance to the resort (there is a temporary parking lot on the left side, so park your car there. Please do not park on the street.) ☆ For inquiries, please contact the Shintokucho Tourism Association (TEL: 0156-64-0522) Click here for details on the location set (go to the external page)

Things to Do