School excursion materials School excursion accommodation guide (A3 size, 8 pages in total)

Various data of logo and inside map

Sahoro Resort Illustrator format logo data (826KB)

Hotel building map (252KB)

Standard twin floor plan (229KB)

Deluxe Twin Floor Plan (230KB)

Bear Mountain data

Bear Mountain Garden Guide (3.26M)

Various data of Sahoro Resort Ski Area

Slope MAP (1.22M)

Slope MAP (map only) (1.19M)

Sahoro Resort Ski Area Poster (A4) (183KB)

Ski lesson flow (343KB)

School excursion materials and various photo data

Rafting canoe

Rafting canoe 2

Mountain bike

Nature craft


Milking experience

Sahoro Arena

Bear Mountain 1

Bear Mountain 2

Bear Mountain 3

Bear Mountain 4

Hotel exterior / entrance

Hotel banquet hall

banquet hall 2

Allergy notation

Hotel lobby

Horseback riding experience


Rafting 2

Ski school 1

Ski school 2

Ski school 3