We have various available at the beginning Hokkaido and Tokachi of souvenirs the Sahoro original brand of items that can only be purchased in Sahoro.
Is a special lineup feel the memories of Sahoro.

Location: Hotel South Wing lobby floor front next to
Business hours: 13:00 ~ 21:00
* Business hours may vary depending on the day.


Original item

tote bag

Tote bag A4 size fits easily into so also with you into luggage is plenty of gore.
Because of course washable, perfect for everyday use, such as eco-bag.
If going out in conjunction with the bear and his friends, large luggage may also not'm bitter.

Color: white, black
Type: march, chillin with everyone

Price: 1,100 yen

Lunch Tote

Is a small lunch tote than a tote bag, but it firmly into the lunch box and water bottle.
It is of course also to the daily commute, but it is also useful to put a little luggage when you walk.

Color: white, yellow, light blue, pink, navy blue

Price: 880 yen


Mug forest of animals has been set in everyone's Sahoro can enjoy plenty of coffee or tea in the larger size.
To design bear to sit in the shade of a tree is to relax and enjoy the sun make-believe on the other side.
It is try to spend the afternoon tea time with the bear?

Capacity: 250ml

Price: 880 yen

clear file

Clear file that you print the forest animals of Sahoro
Cute even for everyday use and easy to design

All three

Price: One 250 yen / 3-sheet set 700 yen

Button Badges

Animals of the can badge of the forest of Sahoro are pleased to offer a large and small variety of patterns.
By all means also as a souvenir to also friends and family as memories of the trip to his

L: Full four kinds / S: 8 kinds Full

Price: L 1 or 350 yen / S 1 or 250 yen

Sweet cookies

Crisp because the sweet cookies are one by one individual package, convenient for the hand out to everyone of friends and workplace.
Sweet to be delicious cookies have been printed the animals of the forest of Sahoro, you can enjoy with everyone from the spaced box.

Capacity: 12 pieces

Price: 650 yen



Teddy bear

Staff from the teddy bear that number, chose the No. 1 "cute ♪" bear.
Point ear piercing, meat ball of the sole of the foot to the necklace and fashionable colorful place.

For yourself, or you would like to present to the grandchildren.

Small child 2,530 yen
Middle child 4,180 yen