From February 23 (Friday, national holiday), the "Spring Celebration Set", which has been popular every year, will be on sale.
The period is until Sunday, March 24th.
Please make a reservation at Sahoro Resort Hotel by 18:00 the day before the date of use.

Venue: Yukizasa
Three kinds of sesame tofu, shrimp, caviar
Mozzarella cheese with wild flowers
Sake-roasted scallops and crab with plum meat
Celebration of sea bream in full swing Tuna Kitayori Scallop
Salmon, Sweet Shrimp, Wife Set
Appetizer Lobster Taraku Grilled Karaku Ink Sprinkle
House Joy Book King Crab Grilled
Simmered Tokachi Wagyu beef thighs in Japanese style
Top white fish and shrimp kakiage algae salt
Fried food Hirame untan rolls Deep-fried shrimp spring rolls
Food Sea bream style yuzu pepper sauce condiments
Bowl hand-made bowl soba noodles
Sweetness: Creative sweetness of matcha

Venue: Sahoro Garden
Snow crab with bonito and cream cheese blini
Onion soup
Red snapper poire with rare sautéed scallops from Hokkaido
Selected Beef Grilled Tenderloin with Chasseur Sauce
Pastry chef special dessert
Homemade bread

From Friday, 25th of March
8,800 yen per person (tax included)
In addition, as a return to the townspeople of Shintoku Town, Shintoku townspeople can use it for 7,700 yen.