Thank you very much for your use of the Tokachi Sahoro than patronage.

In the Tokachi Sahoro Resort, but we have taken the precaution of spread of the new coronavirus,
A result of the customer's safety was taken into account first, some as follows restaurants, in the resort facilities
We will stop the business form changes and events of the winter period.

We ask humbly like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

"Sahoro Resort ski area"
To the ski slopes public space we offer a Jiamuba oxidation water.
Carriage of your ride has been gondola of you are subjected to each time eradication work.

"Mask worn by the staff."
The staff, will ensure health check and at the time of opening, the eradication by Jiamuba oxidation water.
Also taking into account the customer's safety, there is a case that corresponds to wear a mask.

"Installation of the antiseptic solution to Sahoro Resort Hotel Room"
Lobby, restaurant, we have established a Jiamuba oxidation water on site various places such as banquet halls.

"Hokkaido buffet"
By self-restraint request of buffet style, we have to change the current Hokkaido buffet in order style at the table serves.
In addition, it will be considered as a sales period up to March 16, 2020 (Monday), so thank you look forward your understanding.
Other restaurants, "Yukizasa" "Sahoro Garden" will be business as usual.

"Breakfast buffet"
Regarding also breakfast, we have discontinued the buffet style.
Now we have to offer in the set menu of Japanese and Western.
The nights of our customers we offer to change the content.

"Hanamori bear cafe hut store"
Located on the slopes of the ski area Hanamori bear cafe hut shop,
It as open until March 15, 2020, I will.

"Karaoke box"
Situated in the Sahoro resort hotel in the North Hall, karaoke box
Season (until April 4, 2009), we have paused use.

"10th waterslide tournament, Harvest Festival of Spring"
It had been scheduled for March 22, 2020, the harvest festival of events and a waterslide tournament
It will be canceled.

The future ※, guidance of the request and administration of the government, by the social conditions there is a case where I am allowed to change the correspondence.