Thank you for using Tokachi Sahoro Resort.

From August 1st, the annual summer vacation program "Kuwagata finding team" will start! !!
A night program to find stag beetles in the forest at night. We will teach you the ecology of stag beetle and the secret of insect collection! !!

Please enjoy collecting insects at Sahoro to make memories of summer vacation ♪

☆Stag Beetle Finding Team☆
Period | August 1st to August 12th
Hours | 19:00 departure (approx. 1 hour)
Meeting place | Resort center in Sahoro Resort Hotel
Fee: Gold | Adult: 1,100 yen
500 yen for children (elementary school and younger)
Advance | Advance reservation (go to the resort center by 15:00 on the day)

※It will be canceled in the rain. Please make your reservation in advance.
*Since the insect cage used in this tour will be rented, we recommend that you prepare in advance for customers planning to participate.
Also, we will sell it to customers who want it (insect basket 324 yen, food (2 pieces) 108 yen)