* * * Due to the issuance of a state of emergency on August 27, 2021, we will stop selling the Know-to-Toku Discount Plan.
We plan to resume sales after the state of emergency is lifted.

From July 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 (finished as soon as the budget limit is reached)

[Target person]
Only for residents of Hokkaido
* From August 27th to September 12th, 2021, the special discount will be suspended due to the issuance of a state of emergency.
* Some areas are excluded

[Subsidy amount]
・ When using only Knowing Discount
Subsidize up to half of the accommodation fee (tax included) and usage fee (tax included) (rounded down to the nearest 100 yen).
However, the upper limit is 6,000 yen per person per night for Shintoku townspeople and 5,000 yen per person per night for Hokkaido residents.

・ When used in combination with other discounts
It can be used in combination with "GoTo Travel Campaign" and "Dominwari (new travel style)",
In that case, the maximum amount of "Knowledge Discount" will be subsidized up to half the price (rounded down to the nearest 100 yen) after applying other discounts.
However, the upper limit is 1,500 yen per person per night for both Shintoku townspeople and Hokkaido residents.
* Please note that GoTo Travel and Dominwari cannot be used together.

[Reservation and usage]
・ Sahoro Resort Hotel
Accommodation reservations can be made from the dedicated plan on the official website or by phone.
The amount before discount is displayed as the reservation amount when making a WEB reservation.
  Click here for the exclusive plan

・ Please fill out the "Knowledge Discount" business subsidy application form and questionnaire on the day of use.
All users are required to fill out the application form. At that time, we will confirm your address.
Please show your driver's license or health insurance card.
If you do not show it, we will guide you at the regular rate.
[Notes for him]
・ We will implement efforts to build the "New Hokkaido Style" established by Hokkaido.
・ When the national government and Hokkaido request refraining from going out or coming and going to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and
There will be no cancellation fee if you call attention to restraint from going out.
・ You can use the Knowledge Discount for up to 2 consecutive nights at a time.
・ Cannot be used for business purposes or sports training camps.
・ Depending on the status of new coronavirus infection, the Shintoku Town Tourism Association may suspend the "Knowledge Discount" business or change the target area.

[Shintoku Town Tourism Association]
You can check the details of Knowing Discount from here.