The scenery overlooking the windowsill is surrounded by forests and boasts flowers
Inspire yourself with the beautiful expressions that you can see each morning, noon and dusk.

The luxury of drinking fragrant coffee in a rich space with the warmth of trees and the richness of greenery and flowers.

Spend some time tasting sweets and bread made from Hokkaido ingredients.

~ Lunch set -

11:30 ~ 14:00

Hanamori bear lunch set A ¥ 1,500

  • Hokkaido beef minute steak
  • salad
  • soup
  • rice
  • Coffee or tea

Hanamori bear lunch set B ¥ 1,500

  • Today's whimsical spaghetti
  • Hors d'oeuvre
  • Garlic toast
  • soup
  • salad
  • Coffee or tea

Hanamori bear lunch set C ¥ 1,500

  • 8 kinds of creative seaweed rolls
  • Steamed tea bowl
  • Mini bamboo steamer soba (using Shintoku soba)
  • Coffee or tea

- Normal menu ~

11:30 ~ 14:00

Hanamori bear special soup curry (with mini salad) ¥1,450
Meat pasta with fin cutlet (with mini salad) ¥1,200
Fillet cutlet curry (with mini salad) ¥1,200
Tokachi ground beef curry (with a mini salad) ¥1,100
Served with Cheese Pizza honey ¥1,100
Shrimp Tensoba ¥1,300
Tenzaru soba ¥1,300
Special Tendon with miso soup ¥1,300
Tokachi pork bowl with miso soup ¥1,200
Zarusoba / Kakesoba ¥850

~ Hotel Maid Sweets ~

Real cream puff of buckwheat ¥350
Kuma Hanamori house flowerpot sweets ¥350
Rare cheese cake (served with Lonicera caerulea source) ¥350