This month's multi-course menu

Please enjoy local cuisine using Hokkaido ingredients.
* Please check the calendar on the top page for the business schedule.

* For the same price, you can change to "shabu-shabu kaiseki" or "sukiyaki kaiseki".
Please make a reservation by 8 p.m. the day before use.

Year-end and New Year special kaiseki

We have prepared a special kaiseki for the year-end and New Year holidays only.
At the end of the year, in the celebration of the New Year,
Indulge in a sumptuous dinner with a lot of skill.

Limited time offer from December 26, 2023 ~ January 6, 2024
JPY 11,000

* Customers with dinner tickets will be charged an additional 3,300 yen.

~ Shintoku buckwheat -

Specialty areas Shintoku-cho of buckwheat, grew up in the new obtained,
Ground in Shintoku, buckwheat Shintoku the cook is homemade every morning.
Kiyoshi Makoto rice and buckwheat, which has created is, sounds like a firm Kosi,
Flavorful and smooth texture. Carousel exudes the best of taste.
The bloom is near the flowers in late July, colors the new obtained, makes me even entertain the eye.

- seasonal sake ~

Hospitality did his jealousy by sophisticated staff.
Not only food, so we are able to satisfy our all.
Pleasant space. Quality time. Sake choice for sake tasting nurses.
Colors also you can enjoy the vivid food and drink.

~ Recommended set meal / set ~