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It looks even Masu fun Me taste.

Dish of Hokkaido regional cuisine "Yukizasa"

Yukizaki image

Yukizaki image

Is sashimi of "Yukizasa" because the secret of popularity is using the fish active.

Dish of Hokkaido regional cuisine "Yukizasa"

Canned can "bar" reopened this winter<br />
Canned food can't be beaten!<br />
Fun to choose, fun to eat.

New sense canned bar

Canned bar COSPA is also good, it is recommended Choi to flea before going to bed.

Slowly at the counter seat of canned bar

It is crab!

Speaking of Hokkaido

There are many deer around the hotel

Summer vacation limited program "Kuwagata finding team"

Stag target!

The night tour "Night walk in the forest of the brown bear" is a tour program that takes a walk in the park after the brown bear returns home after normal business. Your guide will tell you about brown bear's tips and traces of life

Explore the night forest ♪

Real cream puff of buckwheat

Compacted snow car Shibare Night Tour

Bear Mountain Entrance and Parking

Hokkaido brown bear

Even a wild dining scene like a wood carving

Brown bear watching from the bus

Take the bus to see the brown bear!

Bear watching bus course

Sahoro Country Club

"Starry Sky Terrace" Relax and relax while watching the stars

Tokachi River Rafting

Fun canoeing with family

Lake Sahoro canoe

Experience canoeing at Shinnai Pond