... seasonal ingredients in one dish
Please enjoy the beautiful Japanese cuisine is also to look.

  • With previous
    Seared plum yam Sucking Toro tailoring
  • Small pot
    Smelt Nanban pickled
  • sliced ​​raw fish
    Please make platter of season
  • Appetizers
    Vegetables and grilled lobster three types of Koji Japanese-style dip of snow
  • pottery
    The source of cedar plate baked bean paste liver of Kinki
  • Simmered
    Miso boiled rustic true cod and Kumoko
  • Fried food
    In scallop tempura green laver of salt
  • Eat something
    Kamikawa production Special A rank seven mother-to-child
  • Pickles
    Compared to eat six
  • Contact Wanbutsu
    Miso soup of raw glue Asari
  • Sweet taste
    Of this month creative sweet taste
7,000 yen

※ course without the appetizers6,000 yen