Tokachi Sahoro resort is located approximately in the center of Hokkaido, from three airports and five of the tourist city
It is located in an easily accessible location.
Such as is likely to set round route from all over attractions, the experience and seems to Hokkaido environment
You can use as a base for sightseeing while having fun.


Arriving by car

Distance and required the expected time

Sapporo City, about 166km · 2 time 40 minutes
Asahikawa 119km · about 2 hours and 15 minutes
Obihiro 54km · about 60 minutes
Kushiro 174km · about 2 hours and 30 minutes
New Chitose Airport 154km · about 1 hour 50 minutes
Asahikawa Airport 105km · about 1 hour 50 minutes
Tokachi Obihiro Airport 77km · about 80 minutes
Kushiro Airport 164km · about 2 hours and 10 minutes


Arriving a direct bus from the airplane and the airport

New Chitose Airport - Tokachi Sahoro Resort, there is a nonstop bus between Tokachi Obihiro Airport - Tokachi Sahoro.
Direct bus from New Chitose Airport ⇒ Sahoro Express New Chitose Airport (Click here for details)
Direct bus from Tokachi Obihiro Airport ⇒ Sahoro Express Tokachi-Obihiro Airport (Click here for details)

☆ flat-rate taxi plan

Tokachi flat-rate taxi plan that connects the airports and Tokachimakubetsu and Sahoro Resort Hotel Obihiro.
If the flat-rate taxi, without also suffer from cumbersome transfer and waiting time, and relax without worrying about the price meter also been caught up in a traffic jam you can boarding.
Please confirm the banner below for details.


Arriving by JR

The nearest station of the Tokachi Sahoro resort will be "JR Shintoku Station".
Sapporo, New Chitose Airport ⇔ Shintoku Station
Kushiro, Obihiro ⇔ Shintoku Station

A shuttle bus is available from JR Shintoku Station to Tokachi Sahoro Resort.
* Reservations are required after February 14, 2022.
* Reservations are required after February 14, 2022.