Ski-to-door camera

Tokachi Sahoro live camera

History of the last 24 hours

Weather of Sahoro

[Piedmont] [Peak]



Lift Gondola operation status

Lift name operation hours Operation status Remarks
Sahoro gondola
Sahoro Express
The first high-speed lift
The second high-speed lift
Sixth lift
Sixth Pearifuto
Seventh lift
Eighth lift

Course open situation

Beginner course
Course Name Operation status
North Street
Central Street
South Street
North Road
Central Road
Second Central Road
The Sukatsu Road
South Road
Intermediate Course
Course Name Operation status
North Avenue
Central Avenue
Second North Avenue
Advanced Course
Course Name Operation status
North Way
Central Way
Second Central Way
South Way
Center Bowl Way
N1 downhill course
N2 dynamic course
N3 Challenge Course
N4 expert course
N5 Romance course

Course specs

Course Name Degree of difficulty distance Altitude difference Highest slope Minimum slope The average gradient
North Way Senior 950m 350m 39° 11° 20°
Central Way Senior 890m 130m 36° 14° 25°
Second Central Way Senior 1,250m 220m 37° 10°
South Way Senior 400m 170m 35° 14° 22°
North Avenue Intermediate, 3,000m 590m 30° 10°
Central Avenue Intermediate, 2,840m 590m 35° 12°
Center Bowl Way Senior 930m 380m 36° 12° 12°
North Street Beginners 670m 150m 34° 13°
Central Street Beginners 680m 150m 18° 13°
South Street Beginners 2,700m 580m 24° 12°
North Road Beginners 900m 150m 16° 10°
Central Road Beginners 1,330m 150m 12° 10°
Second Central Road Beginners 900m 170m 15° 12°
The Sukatsu Road Beginners 440m 60m 12°
South Road Beginners 640m 30m 12° 10°
Second North Avenue Intermediate, 1,200m 350m 28° 12°
N1 downhill course Senior 1,655m 470m 33° 17°
N2 dynamic course Senior 513m 186m 26° 20°
N3 Challenge Course Senior 1,313m 408m 28° 17°
N4 expert course Senior 686m 212m 23° 12° 18°
N5 Romance course Senior 674m 200m 24° 18°