2023-24 Lift Gondola Ticket

Price list

  grown up Children ※ 1 Senior ※ 2
The 1st coupon 7,700 yen 6,160 yen 6,160 yen
4-hour ticket 6,000 yen 4,800 yen 4,800 yen
25 hour ticket 26,400JPY 21,120 JPY 21,120 JPY
Charge 4 hour ticket 4,000 yen 3,200 yen 3,200 yen
Coupon ticket (10 points) 4,800 yen 3,840 yen -
1 Coupon 600 yen JPY 480 -
Gondola one-way ticket 1,800 yen JPY 1,440 -
Gondola round-trip ticket 3,000 yen 2,400 yen -
After tickets 13:00 - 4,400 yen 3,520 yen -
Limited course 4-hour ticket *3 3,500 yen 2,800 yen -

*1 Children's fee is for children 4 years old ~ elementary school students. (Children under 3 years old are free of charge when accompanied by a guardian)
*2 Senior rates are for those aged 60 and over. Please bring your ID with you. In addition, if the fee is not stated, it will be the same amount as for adults.
*3 The limited course 4-hour ticket can be used to board the 1st high-speed lift, 2nd high-speed lift, 6th lift, 6th pair lift, and 7th lift.

About time tickets

・The 4-hour ticket is valid for 4 hours after you first pass through the ticket gate. (Cannot be carried over to the next day or later)
・The 25-hour ticket and the charge 4-hour ticket are tickets that can be used in 1-hour units.
"Can be used across dates during the season." If you pass through the IC gate first, it will be subtracted for 1 hour, and you can pass through the gate for 1 hour after you passed.
 If you pass the gate after 1 hour, 1 hour will be subtracted.
・The charge 4-hour ticket is a 4-hour ticket that can be charged only by those who have purchased a 25-hour ticket.
・ The 25-hour ticket purchased at Sahoro Resort Ski Resort is exclusive to Sahoro Resort Ski Resort.

>Click here for details on the 25-hour ticket

Required number of points for coupon tickets

point lift gondola
3 points Sahoro gondola
2 points Sahoro Express
1 point 1st high-speed lift, 2nd high-speed lift, 6th pair lift, 7th lift, 8th lift
1 point* 6th lift (You can ride the 6th lift as many times as you like with 1 point)


  • Sahoro Resort Ski
    Gondola Station 1F Ticket Office 8:30~16:00 (12/23~3/17 until 18:00 on weekends and holidays)
  • Sahoro Resort Hotel Front
    Available only for hotel guests. (Hotel guest special treatment 1-day ticket, 2-day ticket, after-sale ticket only)
    Other denomination, please use the gondola station the first floor of the ticket office.
  • Official Web Shop
    It is sold on the official website. In addition to vouchers exchanged at the ticket counter, if you have a used IC card, you can also charge your card.

  • Web Advance ticket
    We sell the tickets online at the Web. On the day of the procedure by buying in advance is possible to slide immediately completed smoothly.

  • Seven tickets
    Lift tickets are also sold at Seven Tickets. Payment can be made in cash at Seven-Eleven stores, as well as credit cards and electronic money nanaco.

Gondola Sorry services

If the Sahoro gondola has stopped 3 hours or more in bad weather, etc.,
When the 4-hour ticket or one-day ticket you have purchased a'll have next time, it is a service that can be purchased the same lift tickets at half price.

*1 Lunch can be selected from the menu of "Fomalhaut" in the ski resort (some exceptions apply).
*2 Please bring your ID when renting.
*3 Rental of a 3-piece ski set (ski boots, poles) or a 2-piece snowboard set (board boots).

2023-24 Sahoro Season Tickets

※ You can purchase at Sahoro Resort ski area.

  Senior (60 years or older) Child
Sahoro Resort ski area only accessible 66,000 yen 37,400 yen

※ The above rates are costs for the new purchase. Repeater Rates are also available.
※ At the time of purchase, please bring what you can prove age.
※ 2 pieces of ID photos (Vertical 4cm × horizontal 3cm) Please prepare.

Kamori Kanko Group Common Season Ticket
"K-Winter Pass"

The K-Winter Pass is a common season pass that can be used at four Kamori Kanko Group facilities (Sahoro, Rusutsu, Teine, and Nakayama Pass).